Aviva Wolff is a serious, talented, attentive and brilliant hand therapist! For me, I needed to heal to pursue a recording date...we set a 6 week goal and Aviva set forth a return to play schedule around week 5. I was able to record at the world famous Avatar studios with my band with Omar Hakim and Kurt Rosenwinkel which was a lifetime dream.

— Rachel Z Hakim, Professor at New School Jazz at The College of Performing Arts, #OZexperience

“I first heard Dr. Wolff speak about injury prevention at Manhattan School of Music.  She presented helpful tips, exercises, and stretches to build into daily practice routine. It was the first time I experienced a professional who truly understood the demands of being a musician.  Rather than recommending extensive time off from playing to treat performance-related injuries, she offered ways to treat injury while still maintaining a relatively normal practice and performance schedule.  As an occupational therapist, Dr. Wolff truly understands the needs of musicians who are suffering from pain but are unable to take time off from playing to treat it, and she excels in the field of performing arts health.

In a private consultation, Dr. Wolff provided me with an extremely high level of analysis of my posture while playing my flute during our initial meeting. Within less than one hour, she was able to diagnose the various causes of the tension and pain I experience while playing, work with me on how to find a healthier posture for my body while playing my flute, and provide me with various exercises, stretches, and a practice routine plan to help me treat my current injury and prevent it from worsening.

After weeks of following her advice, I am now able to successfully manage my pain and tension throughout my practice sessions, and I am able to play for much longer periods of time without experiencing any pain or tension!”

—Francesca Leo, Classical Flute Performance, MSM

"I am a concert pianist and in September of 2017 I fell and hurt the fourth finger of my right hand -  as a result  the finger was bent over, un - liftable, and I thought my ability to play the piano and to continue my career was finished.  

I consider myself most fortunate that in my moment of terrible need I was able to work with Aviva. With her expertise, patience. and intelligent counseling , both physical and mental, I was eventually able to go back to the piano and to continue my professional career. It is not exaggerating to say that this would not have been possible without Aviva Wolff's help - and she has no more grateful and appreciative patient than I."

— Jeffrey Siegel, Concert Pianist, Keyboard Conversations

"Aviva is extraordinary--helped cure a case of chronic pain (CRPS) by being persistent, creative, knowledgeable and an expert in her field. She is dedicated to her field of practice and has an outstanding, confidence-building personality that translates to success with her patients."

— J. Kitey

“Dr. Wolff's two-day injury prevention residency was completely invaluable to our community. In sharing her research and expertise, Dr. Wolff helped our students and faculty better understand “how to musick” in healthier ways. Injury prevention is an essential part of any university music curriculum, and Dr. Wolff approaches this work in such a dynamic and engaging manner!’

—Lisa Martin, Assistant Professor Music Education, Bowling Green State University


    “I was fortunate enough to connect with Aviva Wolff in the spring of 2018 through a referral from the Juilliard school. After suffering from a left shoulder injury for two years as a violist and violinist, Aviva was able to help me check in with posture and set up issues that helped enable me to start playing consistently again. She also took the time to review images and notes from my doctors.

What was most impressive was that she was able to effectively do this via video chat from my home.  In addition to this, Aviva also provided me with a wise and effective plan for returning to playing.  I am very grateful to Aviva for her feedback and reassurance during a very challenging time. I would highly recommend her to any string player dealing with similar issues.  Thank you Aviva!! We need more Aviva’s in our musical communities!!!"

—  Dr. William Hinkie Professional Violist and Violinist,  Former Principal Violist Denver Philharmonic Orchestra

“For months, I’ve been experiencing numbness in my thumb when playing saxophone due to weighing the horn directly on a nerve for many hours a day. Aviva cured me by correcting my position, and giving me a little cushy sleeve to wear on my thumb during practice”

—Alexa Tarantino, NYC Jazz Saxophonist