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Aviva offers individual consultations on-site or via telephone or video conferencing.

The consultation includes a comprehensive review of the relevant medical history, performance history, a musculoskeletal exam, and a musculoskeletal performance assessment (including a 360 degree video analysis) that are specific to the performer and instrument.

Recommendations include instruction in general musical healthy habits, strategies for “smart” practice, stretching, specific exercises, postural changes, and instrument modifications.


Disclaimer:  Dr. Aviva Wolff is an occupational therapist and certified hand therapist and offers these consultations only within the scope of her practice. Private consultations via phone or video conferencing are for informational purposes only.


Aviva offers Injury Prevention and Management presentations, workshops, and seminars to music schools, conservatories, and professional music groups.

Presentations and clinics include information and demonstration on smart practice, healthy habits and injury prevention to maintain musical health and improve performance.

Workshops are interactive and include assessment of participants, with customized recommendations for exercises, posture modification, onstage tips and tricks, and onstage and backstage stretches to maintain health and prevent injury. 

Customized packages are available for schools and groups and are tailored to meet the needs of each audience.


Dr. Wolff cannot assume clinical care for patients who have no been seen or treated in person, or assume responsibility for their clinical condition or cause. Those who take advantage of this service are encouraged to consult with a local physician or therapist for clinical care and diagnosis.